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brand gucci iphone 8/7/6s plus case kaba

Catégorie Innovation , publié le 11 fevrier 2017 à 08h40 par iphone8case
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I'd like to recommend this Gucci iphone 8 iphone 7 / 6s plus case kaba

It is wrapped in elaborate Gucci classic boxes, cards, and bags, plenty of luxury feeling!

Gucci 's classic design is the most popular style of Burberry' s most noteworthy style.
Although it is a notebook type design, it is thin, lightweight, easy to hold, and has a good heat dissipation effect, calm down.
Three card pockets put in, you can always use cards to use. It will be convenient for commuting.
Also with an obvious brand sign inside the case, wearing a strap is quite nice.
Magnet type opening / closing device type, items that can be used even for men and women, simple though, fashionable!

GUCCI galaxy s7/s7 edge iphone 8/7/6s plus case

Business style Gucci GUCCI iphone7 notebook type case is provided with 4 color design, the style is different, it is producing a high-class feeling!
Four kinds of classic, high use value as anything, as a collection article, as a favorite article, very enemies match!
The thin Gucci log on the surface is moyamoya, but at the same time, it is not so conspicuous as to blunt like!
Adopting excellent leather, feels comfortable to the touch, and boasts durability.
Two cards are worn, there is also a transparent sheet, you can store pictures and cards!
Fix the corner of the case with a metal triangle so that it can be used for a long time

Source : cicicase



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