Mission Critical Baby Carrier

    Having your first child is probably as exciting as it is hard but that does not mean that you have to give up on your outdoorsman lifestyle. Keeping this in view, Mission critical designed a baby carrier that fits the adventurous needs of parents, especially dads.

>>> Mission Critical Baby Carrier and Its Safety

>>> Keeping Dads in Mind

>>> Mission Critical Baby Carrier & Daypack

>>> Mission Critical Baby Carrier Setup

    The Mission Critical Baby Carrier is a front-facing one of a kind tactical baby carrier that has the ability to hold 8-35 lbs in both sitting positions (front and back facing positions). This baby carrier exhibits a very simple and unique design that evenly distributes the weight. Attaching the Carrier Daypack to the Baby Carrier helps to minimize pain in neck, shoulder and the ergonomics ensure the best sitting position for the child.

    This baby carrier weighs only 36.50 oz and is made with 1000D nylon military grade fabric. It comes with YKK zipper and MOLLE webbing for accessory attachments. One added features of this baby carrier is the storable sun shield. Mission critical baby carriers also satisfy ASTM F2236-14 regulations for baby carriers


>>> Mission Critical Baby Carrier and Its Safety

    Safety is the number one priority when it comes to baby carrier and let me assure you that Mission Critical baby carriers have a lot going on in this regard. These carriers are constructed from military grade fabric. Its secure vest design gives hands-free control and freedom of mobility to the wearer while keeping the child safe and secure.

    Each of this carrier is JPMA certified which means that it has been extensively tested. It also exceeds ASTM regulation and standards for baby carriers. The fabric used in its construction is MIL-spec 1000D nylon, which is do choi be trai made to last for ages


    Keeping Dads in Mind

Mission critical baby carrier was specifically designed with dads in mind. While all the above safety features may sound like a lot to carry but it weighs only 35.50 oz. It has perforated foam padding for comfort and air mesh for extra breathability. So it is safe to say that along with complete safety, this carrier is just as much comfortable for both the wearer and the child

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>>> Additional feature :

One of the obvious advantages of Mission critical baby carrier is that it offers a MOLLE webbing on the front, which can be used to attach utilities pouches and accessories like wallet, phone, keys etc.

    The built-in sun shield which is stored inside a zipper pocket on the front is perfect for unplanned weather conditions. The sun shields easily be fastened by two buttons to provide shade for the little one.

    It has a removable liner, which can easily be taken out in case of accidents. It is also machine washable.

    Mission Critical Carrier Daypack: MOLLE webbing on the back plate of the carrier is probably the best advantage of this carrier. This MOLLE webbing is do choi be gai designed specifically for the mission-critical carrier daypack but can hold almost any accessory or modular/utility pouch. This daypack is an add-on accessory for the carrier and when combined it equally distributes the weight from fr

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