Cyber Threat Monitoring – How to Understand the Threats

What is cyber threat monitoring?
Cyber threat monitoring is the dedicated and continual practice of analyzing and evaluating online data to detect any cyber threats or data breaches. Monitoring usually involves high-level access across networks and user actions, to be able to easily identify, stop and/or prevent any unwanted intrusions.

Why do we need it?
43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses and are becoming more frequent and complex with each attack. Cyber threat monitoring is particularly important, as we exist in the digital age, the majority of information and transactions are completed online. This means that networks tend to hold a lot of important and sensitive information that is vulnerable to attack. Cyber threat monitoring enables high-level protection against the loss of sensitive data.

How does a company benefit from this service?
It has been estimated that cybercrimes are up by 600% as a result of the pandemic, which includes all types of crimes, such as data hacking and theft. Every industry is under threat and should take the necessary precautions to keep their business and sensitive information safe.

Cyber attacks can range in type and size; from a small inconvenience to a larger incident that results in legal and financial issues. Not all businesses will have the expertise in-house to continually monitor and analyze cyber threats, which as a result, can cost companies a fortune due to day-to-day disruption and even a damaged reputation. It has been suggested that only 14% of small businesses are prepared to defend themselves against a cyber attack.

Who should be responsible for the security and privacy of your data?
Everyone in the business is responsible for the protection and security of data, regardless of status. Every employee who handles customer information or sensitive business data should be briefed on the best practices in doing so, how to remain vigilant to security hackers, what to look out for, how to prevent a breach within their power, and how to report any suspicious activity.

Business owners should also take the initiative to put the right IT infrastructure and cyber threat monitoring in place, either through a specialist trained in-house team, via a trusted, managed service. Cyber monitoring is a crucial part of keeping a business safe from threats.

What are some examples of threats that can occur in cyberspace?
There are many ways you can protect yourself from hacking attacks. Regardless of how diligent or tech-savvy you think you are, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Here are few things you can do to get started and keep yourself safe from cyber threats:

Computer virus
Impersonating a brand
Data breaches

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