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Intellectual games on paper

Having the opportunity to be exposed to technology from an early age and growing up in an era where the Internet is everywhere, today, both we and the children we raise spend most of our daily lives surfing. websites, using many social networks, playing games, watching entertainment videos, etc. The terms "smartphone, tablet, and laptop" are so familiar that they are used in every aspect of life, especially education. These are things that make children lose flexibility and limit their imagination. Therefore, replacing intellectual games on paper such as connect 4, Find Numbers, etc. not only creates excitement but also helps children develop both physically and mentally.
Here are some unexpected benefits from paper and pencil games:
Improve calculation skills: Some paper games require players to carefully calculate their moves. Therefore, this will be a great way for children to both learn and practice without the process of absorbing and applying knowledge being dry or boring.
Train memory ability: To conquer paper games, children need to remember the game's rules, how to play, and the "moves" of their opponents and themselves. This will help your baby practice better memory skills.
Develop thinking and problem-solving skills: Intellectual games on paper also help children develop better thinking and problem-solving skills. While playing, children must think and plan strategies to win against their opponents. Therefore, if you play paper games regularly, you will practice this skill with children.
Improve communication skills: Intellectual games on paper often require two or more players. During play, children must communicate with their opponents to provide support or criticism, thereby increasing their ability to communicate effectively.
Language development: In addition to the benefits of improving communication skills, children also develop language when playing thanks to using the vocabulary they know to express their thoughts and communicate with others.

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