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Knowing Rotation Forms of Industrial Ball Mill

Catégorie TV Perso , publié le 11 octobre 2012 à 10h21 par hongxingpeggy
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Ball mill may be the principal grinding appliance to grind many different mineral ores, coal etc. it may be an effective gadget for grinding an excellent deal of elements into very good powder. Ball mill is commonly utilized to grind components a terrific deal of kinds of mine coupled with other components and in addition the ball appliance is applied to select the mine. It could possibly be an efficient device for grinding an incredible offer of components into excellent powder. There are actually 3 sorts of ball mill are energy saving mill, cement mill and rod mill. These 3 kinds of types are our principal ball mill; every single single one has its personal considered one of a kind purposes, and particular details.Vitality saving ball mill has made a exceptional advancement with your framework in comparison for the traditional ones. Its cylinder and supporting fame compose an integral method, so when it truly is obtaining fixed, Power saving ball mill could be hung around the groundwork as soon as. Outfitted with double tiered centripetal roller bearing, its energy usage may be decreased by 30%.

Transmission part, the vital part for ball mill, is playing an extraordinary role. Now, we are about to learn more about it together?

Synchronous motor gear transmission: compact and simple structure and high transmission efficiency. Synchronous motor features in high starting torque, high power factor and enhanced power factor of network. It is quite proper to choose this transmission model because the ball mill is always started with load. The disadvantages of this transmission are: great volume and high cost in synchronous motor and complex maintenance. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like dryer machine, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.breaker machine:

Asynchronous motor and reduction gear transformation: compact structure and low price, but high maintenance quantity and low transmission efficiency. As the reduction gear is generally lubricated with thin oil, thus increasing the leaking points caused by poor seal.

Triangle belt gear transmission: its advantages are easy production and simple maintenance. Its disadvantages are low transmission efficiency, large occupation area and regular tensioning for belt (the machine needs shutting down). Consequently, this transmission model is only suitable for the small size ball mill.

The schematic diagram below is about transmission part: a- synchronous motor gear transmission; b- asynchronous motor and reduction gear transformation; c- triangle belt gear transmission.


The appearance of ball mill drives the divestment of new type industry chain. Moreover, the vigorous development of infrastructure construction and technology innovation are bound to promote machinery industry to form healthy development situation. Ball mill is continuously innovated while developing. The water content of to-be-grinded ore will affect the work efficiency of ball mill. Hence it can avoid ball mill to deal with the too dry ore material and plays protecting role in improving the efficiency.

In order to improve the efficiency of ball mill, the technology transformation of ball mill has been undergone. The rotate speed of ball mill is the direct factor to affect theworking efficiency of ball mill. Hence improving the working efficiency of ball mill can improve the working efficiency of ball mill.


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