Sand Maker Scores High in Building Industry

Into the 21st century, with the accelerating urbanization, the demand for the most important material foundation as urbanization - sand is also increasing rapidly. At present, the gravel aggregate worldwide annual production of about 28 × 108m3, the annual production of sand and gravel aggregate accounted for 45% of the world's total, has reached 13 × 108 14 × 108m3.

As a leader in the construction industry, sand maker equipment is the domestic the gravel industry with the largest crushing equipment. Building sand production line is the basis of artificial sand, the main equipment: primary crusher, secondary crusher, sand making machine, screening equipment, sand washing equipment and so on. How scientific rational allocation of an efficient building sand production line on the road?

Coarse and fine aggregate in these gravel aggregate raw materials accounts for about three-quarters of the total amount of concrete. Based on projections: worldwide each year aggregate size of about 21 × 108m3, China's construction industry is booming development of China's demand for coarse and fine aggregate for coarse and fine aggregate in great demand, accounting for about half of the world's demand. With the development and the future will be more and more. For such a large consumption of the Earth's natural native aggregates will be exhausted, rational development from resource use and sustainable development perspective, it is very important to seek native aggregate substitute. Production by Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd is the new generation sand maker equipment - vertical shaft impact crusher to solve the serious lack of natural sand and gravel aggregate supply and demand situation. quarry equipment:
portable mining equipment:

Configuration of the Sand production line: sand maker equipment portfolio is very important. General jaw crusher is the primary crusher in sand making production line, the first step of breaking. Cone crusher and impact crusher can be used as secondary crusher, and of course the final choice depends on the requirements of the product. Sand maker is the core equipment in sand making production line. Vibrating Screen should not be underestimated. The quality of the equipment is one more important to consider the production of each crushing link. Currently, limit the exploitation of natural sand to make mass production of artificial sand put on the agenda. The rational allocation and efficient system of crushing plants is the direction of the efforts by the manufacturers.

Building sand crushing plants high degree of automation, low operating costs, energy-saving, environmental protection, the large scale supply of sand to the high standard building, good configuration can be maximized to reduce costs.

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